It's About Time
We Go Back to Colorado!!

It's been just over a year since "T" and I took our last run up to Basalt.  A lot has changed since your last visit, but the most important things haven't, friends!!

We had a little more time this trip as we didn't ski but neither one of us missed running down the mountain too much.  Even though it snowed a couple of mornings that we were there it was a bit on the warm side for the conditions that we've become spoiled with in Colorado and Montana.  It's kinda nice to be fickle about what kind of snow you'll actually ski in.
One of the things that has changed is Conner, he growing up into quite the gentleman.  Even if Grandma does her best to spoil him just a little.

We picked up the Con Man from Michael and Susan Friday morning with the intention of heading up to Redstone and a park to play and enjoy the day.  Unfortunately we wound up at the Burger King in Glenwood as the weather forced us to find an inside park.
Notice the feet planted firmly on the ground!!
Terry, Lisa, John, Teri, Joe and Conner spent a relaxing Saturday sightseeing up in Aspen.  Joe had never been in Aspen before so it sounded as good as any other excuse to get Conner up to a park where he and John could burn off some energy.
The nite before we all spent at the ElJeBowl while Terry and LIsa bowled league.  We kept Conner up just a little bit past his bedtime to ensure him a good nite sleep.  So much for that theory, he was up at 5:56 am the next morning.  Ask me how I know this!!
Grandma would be in this pic, but she's afraid of slides!!
Terry, Teri & Lisa....Not Necesarily in That Order
Saturday nite Joe had to pay up on his bet that he lost.  The wager was nothing more than an excuse to go out to dinner at Sopris in Glenwood Springs.  The actual bet will be long forgotten but the romantic dinner will remain vivid in our memories forever.
After spending two and a half days exploring, seeing old friends and just plain relaxing, we had to hit the road on Sunday morning for the ride home.
Terry and Lisa swear that they are coming down to Arizona this year.  Hopefully they will find the time to come down and have fun in the desert, just not in the summer time.  Of course if they did, maybe they would appreciate the snow they get just a little bit!!
Ain't She Purty?????

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