We're On Our Way to Switzerland!!!
July 18 thru August 6, 2001

This is about the only place that we remembered to get our picture taken beside a "Welcome to Switzerland" sign.

We were on our four countries in one day putt on the border of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


We Finally Made It!!!
In the background is the Lake of Zurich.  The ferris wheel was erected I believe to be part of the celebration for the 1st of Augush festivities.  It's the largest ferris wheel in Europe.  The 1st of August is to the Swiss what the 4th of July is to us in the United States.
We Did A Lot Of This!!!
If there is one thing that is almost a dead giveaway that you are in Switzerland, it's the cows.  They're everywhere, I told Teri that I was going to miss the smell of cowshit in the morning!!

Most of the cows we saw were what we started calling "Chocolate Cows", but near Gruyere we spotted these very friendly "Dalmation Cows"

We were visiting Grindelwald on our 3 day trip to the Alps and had just come down from the summit of Jungfraujoch and found this gentleman and his "Alp Horn".

From what we understand it is very difficult to play one of these things but the sound that comes from the horn can't be duplicated by any other instrument.

These Things Sound Unbelievable!!!!

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