40th Annual Yuma Prison Run
April 20-22, 2001

I gotta find out what "BMW" really means....
Unlike last years run the weather man seemed to have taken mercy on us this year.
Teri remembers asking before we left, "Are we taking leathers this weekend?"
Joe's response, "Naw, I've fried enough years in Yuma to know that we'd just be hauling stuff we won't wear anyway".  OOPS!!
Friday was a decent ride down to Yuma, not much WIND!!
We got our tent set up over at Best Western Inn Suites without too much hassle then took off for the fair grounds to watch Grant set up his misting system.  How prophetic that would turn out to be.
Friday nite found us at our favorite dining location in Yuma, Chretins.
I'll tell ya Grant....I feel bad fer those guys without windshields....
Careful Grant....That stuff'll hurt ya!!!
Not everybody who was planning on attending dinner that nite made it though.  Something to do with alcohol I imagine.  Still about ten of us did get a great Mexican dinner that nite.
Then it was back to the fair ground to view the live entertainment.  The band was pretty good too.
Bug Dave made sure that there was a half dozen gallons of Mountain Nectar on hand for those who ignore what that stuff can do to you the next day.
Saturday morning found us jumping out of our sleeping bags (errh agh, I meant king size bed) at the crack of nine.
Richie called to inform us that it was "sprinkling a little".  I think if he'd have said it was raining we would've needed an ark.  What was falling from the sky, most people wouldn't refer to as a "Sprinkle!"
Now BOYS!!!  Don't argue over the last BEER!!!
Electra Glide versus....16 years old.  Go Figure!!!
We may not have brought leathers but at least Joe hadn 't pulled the rain gear out of the saddlebag.
With Teri in full rain gear over her denim jacket off we splashed back to the fair grounds.
Shawn had arrived late Friday nite and had already moved her tent under the cover of a building, although a little too late to keep everything inside from floating.
When the rain let up around noon we decided it was time to go get some grub and cruise town a bit.
The rain and clouds finally did give way to different weather though.  Notice I didn't say better weather.
The next offering of Mother Nature was that good ole' WIND and COLD!!
So much for frying, Joe, what did ya learn?
Bad Butterflies....Good Windshield!!!
Waiting for their free beer!!
How about next year bring leathers even if they never get taken out of the saddlebag.  A sweatshirt wouldn't hurt either.
By five o'clock Saturday afternoon we'd been out in the cold long enough that we decided to skip the free meal included with our entry.  Besides we knew that calling it food was stretching the limits of imagination just a tad bit.
Therefore it was decided that room service and a movie was preferable to the mystery meat provided to those who had real tents.
Then it was back to listen to the band wearing all the clothes we had brought with us.
Okay....So mines not quite that big, but niether is yours!!!
The first one to tell a lie....Doesn't stand a chance!!!
Sunday morning found us hitting the road at ten and catching up with the group in Parker, just in time to stop at Foxes.  As is usual with the Yuma Run, the ride back is almost always awesome.
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