Who Wants To Stay In The Desert
In August?
August 03-September 03, 2002

It seems that every year we live in the land of kitty litter, the summers get harder to tolerate.  Last year we managed to escape to Switzerland for three weeks, but that's not something that we can pull off every year.

On the other hand we have a family home in Cody Wyoming that calls to us constantly whenever the heat starts to drive us nuts.  Originally this year we had plannned on taking off for two months to escape Arizona, but alas between having to replace the engine of the bike and Joe getting something of a real job, we settled for just a month.

Seeing as how the new engine of the motorcycle wasn't fully broken in we decided to haul the bike up this year instead of ridinngn it.  At least that's our excuse and we're sticking to it!!

Our departure was Saturday August 3rd after Joe got off work.  Teri in her usual efficient manner had us all packed and we were off down the road.

Shawn had left on Thursday for Sturgis with Richie and his father to spend a week sleeping in the mud, standing in the mud, eating in the mud, riding in the mud and generally having a great time.  We picked her up in Buffalo Wyoming on the following Friday, mud and all and brought her back to Cody where hopefully she will fall in love with the area and decide to stay for a while.

On the other side of this page you will find links to some of the fun stuff we managed to do.  At least we had fun, and we hope you enjoy the stories and pics.

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