No LifeGuard on Duty!!
This kind of started out as a joke a few years ago.  We really didn't feel like riding up to the Laughlin River Run and posing with all the beautiful people.  Besides, it was just too damn HOT!! 
So we decided to do the next best thing...Throw a PARTY!!  Therefore, the Too Broke Fer Laughlin BBQ & Pool Party was officially under way.
The only slight problem we had with this theme was that we really didn't have a pool. 
The first year we made do with a two man (or woman) hot tub.  We got rid of the hot tub after the first year so we decided to install an above ground pool. 
As it turned out this was a brilliant idea!!  No more having to go in the house and raid the fridge or dig around in an ice chest just to find your favorite libation.  Just dive in the pool and you're sure to come up with your favorite flavor!!
Did Someone Say SHRIMP???
Feeding Frenzy!!
The only problem of course is that the life guard gets too hammered to save anybody should they not come up with the beer they dove in after.
Last year Joe made the mistake of cooking gourmet food for the guest, he figured out real quick that it's just too damn much work. 

This years menu will be A LOT simpler!!

Burgers, Beer & Dogs!!

Mobile Catering Service
Relaxin' in the Shade
If you feel like you just have to bring a side dish, do what ya have to but it's not required. 

Basically we just want ya to show up and have a good time!!

So consider this yer "Official Invite" to our
4th Annual Too Broke Fer Laughlin
BBQ & Pool Party

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