From Snow to "Sunshine"

growing season in our part of Wyoming is to say the least...SHORT!!

That's not to say it's not without some benefits such as, cool days, cooler nites, very few mosquitoes and only double digit electric bills!!

Before we left Arizona we were constantly asked "What are ya gonna do up in Wyoming?"

WellÉPart of the answer lies on this page. We actually have a real yard. You might have heard of the kind, real trees, grass, flower beds and a real live vegatable garden.

Okay, so you're sayin' to yourself, "It sure doesn't take much to entertain these two does it?" Well, maybe not but remember how many years we've spent living in the desert and little things like this really start to mean a LOT!!!

From this page you will find links to photos taken throughout the summer of 2004 of our yard in Cody.

As you can see from the change in the photos from brownish to green, we do have something resembling a summer here in Wyoming, although a mighty short one!!!

Click any image for a larger view & text!!

Click any image for a larger view & text!!

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