It's the "C" Word Wyoming Style...

CAMPING That Is!!!

Even after spending almost 3 weeks getting to Cody we still find ourselves ready to take the 5th Wheel out for a spin and find someplace great to live for a couple days.

Basically we've decided that at least once a month we'll get out of town for a weekend and live amongst the mosquitoes, gnats, beaver, raccoons, deer, elk, moose and yes...BEAR!!! The Grizzly variety if you must know.

This particular weekend in late June found us at "Eagle Creek", 7 miles east of Yellowstone and about 40 miles west of Cody.

We took off out of Cody on a Thursday after Joe got off work to get our camp space. Waiting until Friday is a good way to find yourself sleeping at home wishing you'd have left a day earlier.
The weather treated us perfectly by only raining on us while we were in camp and not on the bike, most of the time.

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