This is actually an advertisment for Nissan Frontier Trucks!!!
Betcha didn't think an itty bitty Nissan truck could pull one of these did ya?

Every year we sort of take turns coming up with something different for Valentine's Day. These adventures have ranged from sunset hot air balloon rides to romantic dinner cruises on the Colorado River to damn near rolling the aforementioned Nissan down the side of a mountain!!

Normally the one setting up the Valentine's Day trip never mentions what this particular year holds in store, and in previous years we have taken turns every other year.

This year because we had just purchased our 5th Wheel we decided to make it a group effort, so to speak.

Teri made reservations at Pleasant Harbor RV Park on the south end of Lake Pleasant, just north of Phoenix. We spent five days and four nites here, taking in the beautiful scenery and going for the occasional putt on the bike.

Old friends, Brian & Sue Harwood live in Anthem, about 15 minutes away. We got to spend a couple days visiting Sue and Brian before our eventual departure to the Great White North of Wyoming.

This pictures to the right are sort of in order. Enjoy & check back with the web site again soon. You never know where we'll wind up!!

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