Wyoming or BUST!!!

Yeah, this is sooo much fun we're gonna do it again next year, NOT!!!

For some reason we just couldn't get the theme song from "The Beverly Hillbillies" out of our heads on the trip to Cody.

Come let me tell ya a story 'bout a man named Jed.......

So...loaded up to the gunwales on the Ford, Nissan, Buick & a uHaul 6'x12' trailer we set off for Cody Wyoming Sunday February 29th.

The plan originally was to make only one trip, plans change don't they?

Basically we had too much "stuff" to make it in one trip, mainly because we bought the 5th Wheel in January. So plan "B" was put into effect. Plan "B" is moving most of our "stuff" up on the 1st of March then returning for a couple of weeks and returning for good around the 1st of April.

The weather for our little caravan was perfect the entire trip. Bright sunshine, blue sky and plenty of snow everywhere but on the road!! We arrived in Cody Tuesday March 2nd and went to work unloading, for the next three days!!!

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