This isn't really camping is it?
We didn't think so either!! now you probably know that we're planning on punching out of the desert permanently in March. At least permanently in the summer, who knows where we might end up when the temps hit -20 in Wyoming.

Since we're selling the house in Havasu we decided to invest in another home of sorts. This one, much like the house in Havasu also has wheels but the advantage is, this one actually can go with us!!

Our original plan was to buy a 5th Wheel Toy Box once we got the house sold and moved to Cody. But as with many original plans this one got modified. We kind of fell into an offer we couldn't refuse, now we have more "stuff" to move north.

Anyway...On January 15th we decided to take a shakedown run in the new house. We loaded up the bike and headed for Monterey via downtown rush hour in Los Angeles. Gee that was fun, NOT!!!

"First lesson learned...this thing is not a motorcycle just 'cause there's one in the back. Rush hour freeway traffic is something to be avoided."

Our first night of "Camping" was spent at the El Capitan California State Park. We think it is right on the ocean but it was hard to tell considering we arrived way after dark.

"Second lesson learned...try to arrive at the campground at least 5 minutes before total darkness. This will help facilitate getting parked and set up with the minimum amount of frustration."

The next morning we broke camp and headed north towards Monterey.

Along the way we stopped and unloaded the bike for a quick side trip into the little Danish village of Solvang.

After our little excursion we continued on to the Pacific Coast Highway & north to Monterey for the next two nights.

"Third lesson learned...just because there is road on the map doesn't mean you should take our RV on it. If the sign says "No Trucks!!" you should probably take that to include RV's"

Our full day in Monterey was spent at Fishermans Wharf, The Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cannery Row, just seeing the sights and exploring somewhere we'd never been before.

Saturday we began our trek back south using lesson #1 to help us find a great campground at Pismo Beach State Park, again right on the ocean.

"Fourth lesson learned...diesel fuel while plentiful in most places is not the fuel of choice at small rural gas stations. Never, never, never allow yourself to pump 38.5 gallons into your 38 gallon fuel tank, it's hard on your nerves!!"

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