From Sea to Shining Sea... And a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF in between!!

December 25, 2004 to April 14, 2005

This portion of our web site is our way of sharing our adventure of traveling by 5th Wheel throughout the southern United States. Although we are no longer new to the world of RVing (we have a year under our belts), we by no means are experts. We expect that by the end of this trip we will be experienced enough to know what to do and what not to do again... most of the time. For now, we are content to plug along learning how to make the next trip even better.

Will there be a NEXT TRIP?? If we've got anything to say about there will be!!

In the meantime, we will find new roads to travel, (some we shouldn't have), new friends to swap tales with and places many citizens of the United States take for granted, but never see for themselves. We invite you to travel along with us on this journey and who knows, maybe you too will be inspired to experience some of the wonders your own country has to offer!!

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New Mexico




Jefferson Mountain


Holy Toledo!!

The Motor City

Plainville Kansas

South Dakota


Ports O' Call

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