March 15th, 2008

We'd been planning on returning to Arizona during our Winter Trip to be there when Mike & Shawn got married in March.

Unfortunately Joe's father had been suffering from Prostate Cancer since the previous summer and he took a turn for the worse.

When we got back to Arizona at the end of February, Ray was extremely ill. As the next couple of weeks progressed, so did his illness. On March 14th 2008, Charles Raymond "Ray" Hunnicutt passed away at his daughter Jans house in Parker Arizona.

Although Ray's passing was a terrible loss, the wedding of our daughter Shawn was a blessing and a joyful occasion.

Please enjoy the pictures on the following pages. We wish Mike & Shawn all the happiness in the world and the joy that being in love can and will bring to them.

Best of luck kids, and we love you!!

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Shawn & Mike's Weddings Pix
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We've gotta say one thing about Mike, when he buys a ring, he buys a RING!!!