Texas - January 02 thru ???

For the first time we had a traveling partner on our journey. Dave Holt (an old friend) decided that he wasn't doing anything for a month or so and headed out with us.

Our first stop was Benson AZ and Kartchner Caverns for a couple of days. Given the elevation of Benson we decided it was time to head for a lower elevation, namely the Gulf Coast of Texas. While traveling we spent nights on the road at those wonderful Texas rest areas that seem to be on either side of every little town. Dave was new to dry camping or KOA (Kamping On Asphalt) but soon figured out that it's a fantastic way to avoid spending as much money for an RV park for the night as you would a motel.

Our first multiple night stay in Texas was of course South Padre Island. Five nights at Andy Bowie County Park left us time to visit Sue & Glen in Brownsville and make a drug run into Mexico. High temps in the 80's left us thinking we had hit Texas at just the right time.

From SPI we were off to Rockport-Fullton for a another five days, two of which Joe would be working. Dave and Joe did find time to go visit the aircraft carrier Lexington in Corpus Christi. Unfortunately the weather was giving us a warning that we would have rather ignored. It seems the Jet Stream was on a south bound trip that would last for the next two weeks or more, brrrrr!!! Oh well, still no need for Teri to break out the snow shovel.

Finally, after fourteen days of traveling (okay maybe only 5 days of real traveling) we arrived on Galveston Island. The original plan was to spend a couple of nights at Dellanera RV park and use it for a base of operations to locate another RV park inland a ways to get away from the salt spray. Like I said, it was the original plan. Plan "B" turned out not to be so bad though. We spent a week on the island taking Dave on tourist trips and in search of the perfect dozen oysters. In the meantime we did manage to scout out someplace inland that was more protected from the salt spray that is so prevelant on the island.

For now our spot to squat is the Oasis RV Park in La Marque Texas. Only ten miles or so from the island so trips over the causeway for oysters and shrimp only take a few minutes. For now we're locked up inside waiting for the Jet Stream to move back to the north where it belongs. If you're lookin' for pictures just click on the image above and enjoy.

Joe & Dave take a little time while we were KOA camping on South Padre Island to contemplate what the next days adventures might bring.