Arizona - November 28 thru January 02

The journey from Cody to Arizona was uneventful as usual, if you can call having to tow a 35' 5th Wheel across I-80 with the truck in 4 wheel drive for 200 miles uneventful. I guess an event would have been having to call a wrecker to pick up the pieces out of the ditch, i.e. unevenful is a good thing!!

While in AZ we called Foxes Pierpoint Landing home for about six weeks. Being that close to Havasu meant that we could run to town to see Shawn or Joe's dad on short order, or we could just sit back and relax.

Our neighbors while at Foxes were Gary & Terry Eiselien from Oregon. Gary found the fishing too hard to resist on the river and invested himself each day the weather was good enough in chasing fish. We took his word that he caught lots of fish although we never saw any. It seems he has this bad habit of throwing them back in the river after he catches them, or so he says, could just be a fish story. We had a great time with them and got in the habit of having snacks (horse ovaries) almost every evening before dinner.

After a month and a half in AZ it was time to move on to Texas.

Foxes Pierpoint Landing
| Nov. 20, 2007 | thru | Jan. 02, 2008 |
Although the vast majority of residents at Foxes are way past the age of tire swings, it gives the nieces and nephews something to occupy their time.

Jan & the kids stopped by on one our first days at Foxes for a visit. They made good use of the tire swing while the grownups solved the worlds problems.