March 19, 2000

A couple of weeks ago, Joe's friend "Fessi" from Switzerland arrived in Lake Havasu for vacation.

So far he has been entertaining us almost as much as we entertain him. 
It's kind of become a tradition that every time Fessi comes to town he throws a BBQ at his house here.  "Diver Dave" can usually be conned into cooking (it keeps him sober enough to drive home).Did Somebody Say FREE Beer and Food? 
We managed to get Fessi out on Diver Daves boat last weekend, the 19th of March.  For those of you who don't live in the desert you might like to know that we were all wearing SPF 30 sunscreen and it was almost 90 degrees. 
At this BBQ  Fessi honored "Diver Dave" by presenting him with his very own "Chef's Hat & Apron.
Diver Dave in his new uniformFeed Me!!!! Did someone say it was snowing in Colorado? 
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