Ever been to a "Biker Wedding?"

May 20, 2000

The Happy Couple
The Motley Crew 
May 20th and the weather is perfect, at least it's not 125 in the shade yet.  A great day for a "Biker Wedding" and a party.  The local Elks lodge played host for Stretch and Irene's wedding ceremony and reception.Would You Let Your Daughter Dance With This Man?
So Many Women........
Teri says that it's kind of an oxymoron to use the Elks Lodge and Biker Wedding in the same sentence but what can we say, it's the only place in town that would take the chance on what the damage bill might be.

Stretch managed to con the band "Mumbo Jumbo" into coming out of retirement for this blessed event.  There were certain rules though, the lead singer couldn't drink any Mountain Nectar.  It seems the last event that they played for the Club the alcohol in our home made hooch affected his vocabulary slightly.  That wouldn't do at such a solemn event.Are These Two Next?
Some of us, but not all even dressed up for the nuptials.  All in all it was a great time, no fights and the only cops there were guests.  Damages were kept to a minimum and compared to how Lodge members behave the bikers were mild.
We're Too Young for Lawrence Welk Mom, No More Vodka for You!!! 
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