We Just Had To Take A Day Off From All The Fun We've Been Havin'

May 21, 2000

With Fessi back in town for Stretch and Irenes wedding, and the weather starting to warm up, we just couldn't resist a day out on the lake.

Usually we'll take off in the afternoon and go out for a couple of hours, maybe stop off at the Nautical Inn for a cocktail or just play around on the water.  This time since Fessi was in town we decided to make a day of it.   Oops!!!  Seven plus hours on waverunners is not for people of our mature age, we won't try the marathon lake day again for a while.

Fessi being from Switzerland where this time of year most water is still in its solid form had a blast.  He coated himself up with SPF 50+ sunscreen and we soon found out that he has only two settings while on a Personal WaterCraft.  #1 - Parked with a MGD in his hand or #2 - WIDE OPEN THROTTLE!!

The picture that you see of him on this page was one of the rare times when he was actually sitting still while on the waverunner.
Come On Guys Lets Ride!!
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