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On The Road Again for Winter '07 - '08

Over the last few years, we've discovered that traveling in the "Wintertime" has some definite advantages. It's not that we don't go anywhere in the summer. If you've been to this web site before you know that we do love our mountains. But suffice it to say, we also love not having to deal with the winter months in Wyoming.

Some call us spoiled but we feel blessed to be able to seek out adventures, be they in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming or exploring the parts of our country that most folks only dream of going.

We spent the winter months of '06-'07 at our home in Wyoming doing things like working to repair our bank account and pay for a new bike that was long past due. This year we took off right after Thanksgiving '07 for parts south.

Some of those parts included Arizona for about six weeks to visit Joe's dad and the girls. Then with Dave Holt following us across the southwest to Texas and the Gulf Coast.
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