Four Countries in One Day!!!
July 31, 2001

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Knowing that neither of us had ever visited a foreign country other than Mexico or Canada, Fessi had planned out for us a bike trip to visit four countries in one day.
To the way of thinking of the average American, that would be like hitting the US, Canada, Mexico and California all in one afternoon.  Well......the countries are a little bit smaller in Europe.
Actually the idea was to get our passport stamped at the border crossings pretty much but it was a fun day none the less.
Guess Where We Are??
Ya Just Don't See Bikers Like This In The Good Ol' USA
We traveled less than three hundred klicks and were back in time for dinner after visiting Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and of course Suisse.
The weather was of course perfect, we still don't know why Fessi is constantly complaining about the bad weather.  We did manage to cross the entire country of Liechtenstein in less than fifteen minutes, including a map stop to make sure that we went the right direction in at one of the only intersections in the country.  Liechtenstein you see is a little small for a country, but very beautiful.
We really didn't stop too much on this putt as we were carrying only Swiss Francs for money and each country still has its own currency until the Euro  Dollar makes its appearance sometime before the end of 2001.
For once we didn't ride any trains but we did finish the day with a ferry ride across the Bodensea again.  We probably will never get used to riding a bike onto a ferry and crossing a lake.
Lost???     Us???  No Way!!!
Page 8 -Our Last Days in Suisse