Headin' Back to Wyoming..

Although we love our home in Cody, when it comes time to move on out and head back up north in the spring, we aren't always in that big of a hurry.

Over the years we've discovered a little hideaway on Route 66 just south of Oatman Arizona. It's not much really, just a wide spot on an old highway that time has pretty much passed by. But the view is great and we've introduced a few of our friends to the little known gem that RV'rs call "Boondocking".

This year Dave managed to tear himself away from Foxes for a few days to join us. As an added bonus, Gary & Terry stopped by as well on their way back to Oregon.

As you can see from this shot, the dress is RV casual and cocktail hour starts damn near anytime you want it to.


Legend has it that Paul Bunyon wore plaid as well!! .