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Arizona - November 28 thru January 02

The journey from Cody to Arizona was uneventful as usual, if you can call having to tow a 35' 5th Wheel across I-80 with the truck in 4 wheel drive......

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Texas - January 02 thru ???

For the first time we had a traveling partner on our journey. Dave Holt (an old friend) decided that he wasn't doing anything for a month or so......

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Texas - Valentines Day in San Antonio
Luchenbach and the Guard Rooster Service!

For a number of years, we've tried to do something different on Valentines Day.

Every time we come to Texas...

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Guard Dogs Need Not Apply...

Luchenbach Texas does exist!!

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Shawn & Mike Git Hitched!!

Although the event was marked by the sadness of Ray's passing, the wedding went off without a glitch, mostly...

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Headin' Back to Wyoming...Slowly!!

Camping along the Oatman Gold Road with friends or just spending a few days at Cedar Pocket, we don't get bored easily!!

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Winter Trip
Dec. '07 thru Apr. '08
Updated August 08, 2008