We Had To Take A
Day or Two Off!!

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 After returning from our three day run through the Alps we decided that a couple of days at the house in Üitikon was in order.
Fessi and Sylvia's home is beautiful, three stories plus a full basement with furnishings ranging from five hundred year old antiques to AC/DC memorabilia.
The patio seemed to be our favorite spot to relax during the day, either drinking coffee in the morning or bier in the afternoon.
The awning extends out at the push of a button and provides you with just the right amount of shade depending on the time of day.
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Real Grass and Trees
Fessi made sure that the fridge was stocked with bier and even ordered cranberry juice for T and Sylvia so that they could have their Vodka Cranberry cocktails.  Sylvia even went so far as to buy ice trays to make ice for the drinks.
Something we in the USA have a hard time realizing is that the Europeans do not use ice in any drinks.  The feeling is if they wanted water in their drink they would put water in their drink.  Therefore when T ordered ice in her drink, she had to get used to getting "two" ice cubes, period.
Several evenings Willy, Sylvia's father joined us for dinner, he also baby-sat the dogs on days that we were traveling on the bikes.
Sylvia introduced Willy to Vodka Cranberry as well and we had a hard time getting him back on bier a couple of times. 
Meals were always an experience, whether it was breakfast consisting of salami, cheeses and fresh bread or one of the fantastic dinners that Sylvia whipped out, we never pushed back from the table hungry.
Sylvia is a superb cook and Fessi swore that he was going on a diet after we left.  Fessi also knows how to put together a great meal.  He introduced us to Würst or what we refer to as bratwurst.  We didn't realize just how many different ways there are to make bratwurst.  The Swiss have perfected the art of turning veal, pork and beef into tube steaks that range from mild to holy shit this stuff is spicy!!
We would have been content to sit around the house for a few more days, but our tour guide had plans for us to attend what they call a "Biker Party" in Germany that weekend so Saturday we loaded up the bikes and headed out to get our passports stamped in Germany. 
Dinner is a cookin'
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